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We’ve created banners, templates, and handouts for you to help your promotions.

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Marketing Materials

Access ready-made banners, templates, and handouts to help your promotions.

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Marketing Materials

We’ve created banners, templates, and handouts for you to help your promotions.

Why Flintobox?

Flintobox produces subscription-based activity boxes for children between 2 to 12 Years of Age.

Advantages of joining Flintobox Programme

  • Flooded with positive feedbacks all over social media

  • First ever activity box company for children in India; has the earlier mover advantage

  • Very high-quality and child-safe materials used; kids totally love it

  • User-friendly, responsive and high converting landing pages; easiness of placing an order

Your advantages while working with the programme

  • The product is developing dynamically and we are adding more age-group segments

  • There is a huge reach; the market in India has a huge potential

  • Very high conversion rate in the industry

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